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VIM and Skender partner to provide pre-manufacturing visualization of modular building solutions

VIM and Skender partner to provide pre-manufacturing visualization of modul,ph01

VIM, a virtual information modeling firm providing the most efficient 3D format for building design data, and Skender, a pioneer of Lean construction and modular manufacturing, announced a partnership to implement VIM’s software in Skender’s Chicago modular manufacturing facility.

VIM’s platform, which provides 3D, virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) building models, will help Skender clients visualize their modular buildings and make informed design decisions before manufacturing and construction begins.

“This is a breakthrough in digital collaboration and communication,” said Stacy Scopano, chief technology officer, Skender. “VIM gives Skender clients and integrated project teams an important lens to see what is possible through modular building. It helps them understand their complete palette of design options, including materials, finishes and systems. It also provides critical context, helping clients experience their building on the city street where it will be built. This is a powerful tool to inform early decision-making and maximize value.”

In the face of unprecedented demand for affordable housing and increasing construction labor shortages, Skender’s modular solutions provide significant schedule reductions and quality gains for multifamily projects, as well as healthcare and hospitality. In Skender’s upcoming Chicago projects, multifamily housing modules will leave the factory 95 percent complete. Once on site, apartment modules will be stacked together with a bolt-and-pin system and additional welding. Stone accents and brick claddings can be added to help the building blend into the specific neighborhood, bringing the project in at least 40 percent faster than that of a traditional model.

“VIM’s advances in mixed reality, connectivity, compute power and data management are helping Skender merge digital and physical worlds into a single, blended and seamless working environment to realize the promise of modular construction,” said Christopher Diggins, head of research at VIM. “By migrating many building processes to a factory model, all supported by VIM’s parametric technology, Skender can achieve standardization and continuous optimization.” Both VIM and Skender are hiring additional professionals as they prepare for increased demand.