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The Missner Group completes construction on Chicago north side car dealership

The Missner Group completes construction on Chicago north side car dealersh,ph01

The Missner Group has completed construction of the new, state-of-the-art Chicago Northside Toyota dealership located at 6042 N. Western Avenue in Chicago. The five-story, 228,000-square-foot dealership is one of the largest of its kind and will have the resources available to provide a level of service, productivity and customer satisfaction that will go unmatched in the surrounding market.

The new, eco-friendly dealership contains a 45,000 square foot green roof, as well as 183,000 square feet of interior space. The modern interior features a 30,000 square foot showroom that is surrounded by 28-foot glass panels and is capable of exhibiting over 35 vehicles, with vertical display on the second and third floors. The spacious dealership has the capacity to inventory close to 400 vehicles on display and indoors for immediate access. Additionally, a 42,000-square-foot service area was constructed, containing 35 service bays to provide efficient and fast service.

Construction of the facility included the implementation of unique amenities to ensure customer satisfaction and convenience. Guests of the dealership will enjoy indoor valet parking, a children’s play area and a contemporary customer waiting lounge, where up to 100 guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi and help themselves to a Starbucks coffee bar.

“We are pleased to have had the opportunity to construct this leading edge, ground-up facility on behalf of the Bob Loquercio Auto Group,” says Bob Nomellini, chief operating officer of The Missner Group. “This project exemplifies our commitment to excellence in construction and the firm’s dedication to meeting and exceeding our clients’ demands. This new dealership will give the customers and guests of Chicago Northside Toyota a premier experience, one of the best the auto industry has to offer, for many years to come.”

The Missner Group’s vice president of business development, Aldo Bottalla, served as the project executive. Senior project manager, Bob Papineau, led the project on behalf of the firm, with Steve Bulger serving as project superintendent. Axios Architects and Consultants LTD provided the architectural services, with Jacob & Hefner Associates providing the engineering services.