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Steiner + Associates bringing new AF concept store to Ohio State campus

Steiner + Associates bringing new AF concept to Ohio State,ph01

Steiner + Associates announced that Abercrombie & Fitch, a global specialty retailer of apparel and accessories, will open a concept store at Columbus, Ohio’s Gateway University District in The Ohio State University’s campus this August.

The new 3,350-square-foot campus stores, located at both The Ohio State University and the University of Southern California, are built on a small footprint with full omnichannel functionality. The stores will serve as unique learning labs, providing the retailer with insights into compact store success, omnichannel integration and store-centric experiential marketing.

The campus stores are less than half the size of the average Abercrombie store in the United States, and have started to show a higher store productivity level. The stores will provide the retailer with better insight around the success of operating on a smaller footprint, as well as an avenue to build relationships with its customers through its brand ambassador program.

On-campus events will help drive traffic to the store, while a 30-inch screen will allow customers to shop Abercrombie’s entire web site. College students also can purchase online and pick up in the store, or order in the store and ship from the store.