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Debunking the big receivership myth

| Staff Writer

Receivership is often misunderstood. Even the most sophisticated investors may be reluctant to consider buying a property in receivership because they believe a property in receivership must be unusable and undevelopable. After all, if the property was valuable, the owner would have sold it himself or herself, right? That misconception is …

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Five reasons real estate development joint ventures go bad

| Staff Writer

Having represented real estate developers and investors in partnership disputes for 20 years, I’ve recognized certain patterns of behavior that lead to partnership conflicts. An understanding of these patterns can help you avoid disputes, and costly litigation, in your real estate development deals.

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Novack and Macey's Monte Mann: He’s there when things go wrong

| Dan Rafter

Monte Mann knows how to fix real estate problems. That’s good; Mann is co-chairman of the real estate litigation group at Chicago law firm Novacek and Macey. This means that he represents clients – often real estate developers and brokers -- engaged in some of the highest of high-stakes litigation.

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Profile: Noel Liston of Darwin Realty shares his appreciation for helping people both inside and outside the industry and explains how others can impact the community

| Stephanie Aguilar

Helping other people is something Noel Liston, principal at Darwin Realty & Development Corporation, finds most rewarding. He said he’s had the pleasure of working with and training three young brokers at Darwin over the past five years, which renews his excitement and passion for the industry. And there’s another way that Liston intends to…