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Multifamily N Illinois

Turning condos into apartments can make good money for developers, investors … if they avoid the pitfalls

| Dan Rafter

David Bloomberg has seen the trend: Developers and investors are eagerly seeking to acquire condo buildings and turn them into apartments. This de-conversion trend is taking hold across the Midwest, and developers and investors stand to earn plenty of dollars from it. But Bloomberg, principal at Chicago law firm Chuhak & Tecson, says that c…

Office N Illinois

The evolution of office space: Goodbye boxy, hello artsy

| Staff Writer

Today’s office spaces are increasingly being shaped by company culture, as businesses look to incorporate their corporate branding and values. This is a significant shift in mindset and part of the overall evolution of office space seen over the past 25 years since EAA first started working with landlords and tenants in Chicago.

CRE V Michigan

Friedman Integrated Real Estate Solutions expands Michigan team

| Staff Writer

As managing director, Panos will be responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of all owned commercial real estate, and Odell's responsibilities will include corporate governance, preparation of purchase/sale agreements, negotiating financing documents, contract preparation, insurance claim litigation, employment law, and any other …

Office Midwest

The ever-changing office space now a depiction of the tenants themselves

| Staff Writer

New office spaces today have changed drastically from what they used to be back in the day. The new layouts and features have transformed to become a representation of their tenants--whether it's a media office with walls covered in art or photographs, a unique, digital space for tech firms, or a neon-splattered wall with company goals pinn…

CRE Midwest

Will rising interest rates slow commercial real estate deals? Execs are worried

| Dan Rafter

Commercial real estate leaders are confident in the strength of the commercial real estate market. But they're also realistic enough to recognize that all commercial sectors will face their own challenges in the coming months. And they’re especially worried that rising interest rates could put the brakes on what has been such steady commerc…

Legal Midwest

A primer on commercial real estate brokerage commissions disputes

| Staff Writer

Disputes over broker’s commissions arise daily in the commercial real estate marketplace. For more than 20 years, I’ve handled a multitude of these cases, sometimes representing the broker and, other times, representing the owner. Under the relevant standard, the broker is entitled to a commission if the broker was the “procuring cause” o…

CRE i Ohio

Without proper planning, loans to LLCs or partnerships may cost you

| Staff Writer

Most real estate projects are financed by loans. While businesses often look to banks and other commercial lenders first, it’s still pretty common to see real estate financed by loans from one related company to another, or from an LLC member (or members) to a limited liability company (typically taxed as a partnership). These intercompany …

CRE O Indiana

JLL: Indianapolis office market hits lowest vacancy rate since 2008

| Dan Rafter

The Indianapolis-area office market thrived during the first quarter of 2016, notching five leases of more than 40,000 square feet. At the same time, the market saw seven capital markets transactions during the quarter, five of which were investments in office buildings in Indianapolis' Central Business District. This is the good news repor…