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World Group Commercial's Beals publishes second book; highlights selling secrets of top college football coaches

| Dan Rafter

Jeff Beals received both of his degrees from the University of Nebraska. It's little surprise, then, that Beals, executive vice president of Omaha's World Group Commercial Real Estate, is a long-time college football fan and that he roots for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. But Beals isn't just a fan of Nebraska. He's a devoted follower of colleg…

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Paul Kerber: Thriving in Detroit

| Dan Rafter

Paul Kerber's numbers tell just how successful he's been in the world of commercial real estate. During his career of more than 25 years, Kerber has closed investment transactions in 32 states. And these transactions have totaled $1 billion in total asset value.

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There’s a Reason it’s Called the Golden Rule

| Staff Writer

Those who make it in this business tend to be adept at understanding how to cultivate positive relationships with all parties in a transaction. Learning to balance the fiduciary responsibility to the client while simultaneously building respect with the person on the “other side of the table” is a critical skill that takes time and patience.