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CRE X Missouri

Meeting the challenges, embracing the opportunities in St. Louis

| Staff Writer

St. Louis has long served as a crossroads for American industry with traditional manufacturing driving its economy through many periods of growth. Now in the digital age this metropolitan region in the center of the nation’s heartland finds itself at its own crossroads: embracing a future powered by new tech‐focused industries while sheddin…

CRE N Illinois

Commercial real estate after Trump: What to expect?

| Staff Writer

Last month, with the election of Donald Trump as president, we entered uncharted waters, politically and economically. This historic event—perhaps unlike any other we’ve experienced as a country—has created a profound level of uncertainty and uneasiness. A clearer picture of what lies ahead may not emerge until we approach the first 100 day…

Retail N Illinois

As interest rates rise, commercial financing enters a new phase

| Dan Rafter

No one knows yet just what kind of president Donald Trump will be. But one immediate result of his election was a quick rise in interest rates. And that has already brought a change to way developers and investors are borrowing money to fund their commercial real estate developments and acquisitions.

CRE Midwest

Will rising interest rates slow commercial real estate deals? Execs are worried

| Dan Rafter

Commercial real estate leaders are confident in the strength of the commercial real estate market. But they're also realistic enough to recognize that all commercial sectors will face their own challenges in the coming months. And they’re especially worried that rising interest rates could put the brakes on what has been such steady commerc…

Retail Midwest

Marcus & Millichap retail report brings plenty of good news

| Dan Rafter

Consumers might not be thrilled with the U.S. economy, but at least their confidence is growing. That is the message from Marcus & Millichap in its latest national retail research report. According to the report, core retail sales -- all retail sales not including gasoline and autos -- rose 3.9 percent this March when compared to the same m…

Retail i Ohio

Don't believe the hype: Things aren't that bad

| Dan Rafter

Presidential elections can be gloomy affairs. Just watch the Democratic and Republican debates: The way the candidates talk, you’d think the United States was in its worst decline ever. But candidates tend to play up the negative in an effort to tell voters how they, and only they, can save the country. You’ll often hear candidates state th…