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Office Midwest

Coming soon to a Midwest downtown near you: even more coworking spaces

| Dan Rafter

Coworking spaces continue to pop up across the country, and the Midwest is no exception. As companies continue to shrink their office footprints and employees seek shorter commutes and more flexible working conditions, cities from Madison to Chicago and Detroit to Kansas City as seeing new coworking spaces open, often in the center of their…

CRE Midwest

Harbor Group International adds Serendipity Labs Coworking and Conference Center at One South Wacker Office Tower

| Staff Writer

As part of a dramatic repositioning of its acquisition of its 1.2mm square foot office building at One South Wacker Drive in Chicago, an affiliate of Harbor Group International, LLC has signed New York's Serendipity Labs to open and manage a 30,000 square foot coworking lounge and conference center on the Mezzanine level and second floor of…