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Adapt and evolve: Making the big decisions about big-box retail

| Ron Goldstone

One of the defining features of the current retail real estate landscape in Southeast Michigan is the availability of mid- and big-box retail spaces. Depending on local market conditions and a range of other site-specific factors, there are viable options for filling those spaces—but not all of those options are retailers. Increasingly, ada…

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Fighting off the mallpocalypse

In 2017, a new report released by Credit Suisse gave voice to the fears that retailers and real estate professionals have been murmuring about for quite some time. According to the report, approximately 20 percent to 25 percent of all American malls will be shuttered inside of five years.

Retail Midwest

Walgreens, Rite Aid consolidation to provide new opportunities for rivals?

| Dan Rafter

It's uncertain how many drug stores across the Midwest will close if Walgreens eventually buys its smaller rival Rite Aid. But Ron Goldstone, senior vice president of retail with Southfield, Michigan-based Farbman Group, says that the deal will bring plenty of opportunities for rival retailers looking for prime corner locations. The reason?…