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Effectively using letters of intent in real estate negotiations

| Stephen J. Siegel

Before agreeing to a real estate sales contract or lease, the parties may prepare a letter of intent, term sheet or other form of preliminary agreement (together, called here an “LOI”). Generally, an LOI may be signed or at least initialed and reflects that the parties have agreed on certain important terms of a deal, though not on all of i…

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Five ways to avoid a commercial lease dispute

| By Andrew P. Shelby

Rent is one the largest recurring expenses for many businesses. As a result, disputes about commercial leases pose the potential to have significant impacts on businesses. And commercial lease disputes can hurt the land owner or property manager too. For example, from the owner’s side, conflict about a lease can tie up property while haltin…

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A primer on commercial real estate brokerage commissions disputes

| Staff Writer

Disputes over broker’s commissions arise daily in the commercial real estate marketplace. For more than 20 years, I’ve handled a multitude of these cases, sometimes representing the broker and, other times, representing the owner. Under the relevant standard, the broker is entitled to a commission if the broker was the “procuring cause” o…

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Five reasons real estate development joint ventures go bad

| Staff Writer

Having represented real estate developers and investors in partnership disputes for 20 years, I’ve recognized certain patterns of behavior that lead to partnership conflicts. An understanding of these patterns can help you avoid disputes, and costly litigation, in your real estate development deals.

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Novack and Macey's Monte Mann: He’s there when things go wrong

| Dan Rafter

Monte Mann knows how to fix real estate problems. That’s good; Mann is co-chairman of the real estate litigation group at Chicago law firm Novacek and Macey. This means that he represents clients – often real estate developers and brokers -- engaged in some of the highest of high-stakes litigation.

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Are handshake deals still good?

| Staff Writer

Most lawyers and many non-lawyers are familiar with the statute of frauds and its requirement that agreements involving “the sale of lands” must be in writing.