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CRE N Illinois

Second annual Net Lease Conference brings in the big names

| Staff Writer

Midwest Real Estate News held its second annual Net Lease Conference July 20 in Chicago. More than 160 net lease pros from around the country attended, all there to celebrate the continuing strength of the net lease business, in all sectors. Some of the biggest names in the net least industry shared their insights on why this part of the co…

Office N Illinois

The evolution of office space: Goodbye boxy, hello artsy

| Staff Writer

Today’s office spaces are increasingly being shaped by company culture, as businesses look to incorporate their corporate branding and values. This is a significant shift in mindset and part of the overall evolution of office space seen over the past 25 years since EAA first started working with landlords and tenants in Chicago.

Office Midwest

The ever-changing office space now a depiction of the tenants themselves

| Staff Writer

New office spaces today have changed drastically from what they used to be back in the day. The new layouts and features have transformed to become a representation of their tenants--whether it's a media office with walls covered in art or photographs, a unique, digital space for tech firms, or a neon-splattered wall with company goals pinn…