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Colliers' Kelly Joyce: Talking with people to make things happen

| Staff Writer

Fresh out of college at Indiana University, Kelly Joyce knew she wanted to do something sales and marketing related. On the verge of accepting a position to sell fax machines and other office equipment, Joyce conferred with her brother in-law, Tim Wagener, the new president of Owen Wagener Tim advised her that if she was going to sell a pr…

Office N Illinois

Is Illinois ready to sell James R. Thompson Center?

| Dan Rafter

If you live in Chicago -- and especially if you work in the city's downtown -- you probably consider the James R. Thompson Center to be an eyesore. The building, built in 1985 and located at the prime Chicago address of 100 W. Randolph St., has long been ridiculed for its high heating and cooling costs and an appearance that was dated nearl…