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Tech cities? The Midwest has them

| Dan Rafter

The Midwest continues to offer more jobs for the programmers, designers and entrepreneurs working in the tech field. That’s good news for the commercial real estate brokers who sell and the developers who build the offices these tech employees will work at, the multifamily buildings in which they’ll live and the retail centers and restauran…

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Can a new airport bring more businesses to Kansas City?

| Dan Rafter

Kansas City government officials have high hopes for a newly designed, single-terminal airport serving their city. These officials say that a single-terminal building, which would replace the three-terminal set-up already in place at Kansas City International Airport, would attract a greater number of companies to the Kansas City, Missouri, market.

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UPS setting up shop in Logistics Park Kansas City

| Staff Writer

United Parcel Service Inc. is the latest company to move into Logistics Park Kansas City in Edgerton, Missouri. UPS has announced it is developing a 197,000-square-foot facility, with expectations that the new location will be online before the busy holiday shipping season.

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Urban industrial and the "last-mile"' challenge

| Dan Rafter

How do big companies such as CVS, Walmart and Amazon find the perfect locations for their distribution centers? And how do they reach they most effectively reach those customers clustered in dense urban areas, parts of the country that don't seem to have room for nearby distribution centers?