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Industrial N Illinois

The industrial balance: Follow historical trends or look to the future

| Staff Writer

Industrial businesses have been expanding steadily in recent years, fueled by growth in e-commerce, light manufacturing and related industries. As industrial property owners/tenants evaluate their space needs and debate whether to expand, decisions should be based on a balance between looking at historical trends and being forward thinking.…

Retail Midwest

Haunted houses scare up big money

| Dan Rafter

Turn on your radio this time of year and you'll undoubtedly hear an advertisement for a haunted house in your area. Turns out, though, that haunted houses aren't just fun. They're big business, too.

CRE N Illinois

Is your brand ready for 2016? The three signs that it might not be

| Staff Writer

Are you ready for 2016? Despite what the presidential candidates may say in their stump speeches, make no mistake that we are in one of the longest periods of continuous expansion since World War II. On the macroeconomic level, the United States saw 2 million jobs added in 2015, the dollar at its strongest in more than a decade, inflation a…