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Jones Lang LaSalle's Naeger: A data center boom taking place in St. Louis

| Staff Writer

As technology and increased connectivity continue to drive important business decisions, companies are taking a critical look at how data storage and processing supports those decisions and impacts their bottom lines. This focus on finding the best way to store and manage technology has created a thriving data center environment in St. Louis.

Legal X Missouri

David Frantze: Guiding clients through uncertain economic times

| Dan Rafter

Like all real estate professionals, David Frantze, co-chair of the real estate division at Kansas City-based law firm Stinson Morrison Hecker, is dealing with an uncertain economy. Frantze, though, is doing his best to help his commercial real estate clients navigate through these challenging times.

CRE Midwest

Englewood constructs award-winning blog

| markt

William Di Santo may joke about his less-than-stellar prowess with a computer, but this 30-year construction veteran gets the last laugh as he can now claim the legitimate title of “award-winning” blogger.

Office i Ohio

Duke Realty enjoys busy times in Cincinnati market

| Dan Rafter

In another sign that the commercial real estate market is in the early -- very early -- stages of a recovery, Duke Realty Corporation recently released a solidly positive report from its Cincinnati office showing that the company's activity in that Midwest city was on the rise.

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Meeting the high-tech challenge of expanding, creating data centers

| Staff Writer

The idea of creating a new data center or expanding an existing one brings to mind futuristic images of computer experts working with dazzling high-tech equipment to feed their ever-increasing need for data-processing capabilities. While the end result for many organizations is a sleek new facility humming with machines and activity, none …