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CRE V Michigan

Detroit on the rise: The return of the Renaissance City

| Steven Siegel

On June 18, hundreds gathered around the Michigan Central Depot, Detroit’s 500,000-square-foot decrepit former central train station. The building has served as a symbol of the city’s various ailments wrapped up in one gigantic piece of real estate: globalization, lack of opportunities, civic mismanagement. Yet, this time the crowd was not …

Office N Illinois

Glassdoor opens Chicago office in Fulton Market

Glassdoor opened its newly built Chicago office in the Fulton Market neighborhood, according to an announcement from the mayor's office and the company. In less than two years, the company's Chicago office has become its second largest with about 200 employees.

CRE Midwest

Earles Architect's Matt Kelly: CRE's Adventurer

| B. Herron

Matt Kelly has been fascinated with architecture since the age of seven when he sketched out plans for an addition to his family’s house. Kelly studied architecture in college, and started his first real job working for a small architectural firm in Canton, Ohio, learning from an architect with 60-plus years in the business. Since joining E…