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New survey: Open office spaces get big thumbs down

New survey: Open office spaces get a thumbs down,ph01
Geneva Supply in Delavan combines features of a traditional office with cozy public meeting and relaxing spaces. (Photo courtesy of Clutch.)

Do employees like open office floorplans? The answer, according to a new survey from Clutch, is a resounding “no.”

According to a survey by Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform, just 28 percent of 503 surveyed employees said they preferred an open office space. The survey found that 52 percent preferred private offices.

What else matters to employees? Clutch said that 53 percent value their personal space in the office over any other office space. Only 14 percent of employees said that they most valued places to relax, while just 13 percent said they most valued quiet spaces.

A total of just 11 percent of employees said they most valued collaborative spaces or large meeting rooms.

In compiling its survey, Clutch looked at nine businesses across the United States, including Midwest example Geneva Supply in Delavan, Wisconsin.

Clutch listed Geneva Supply, an Amazon fuflillment solutions center, as an example of a traditional office, but one that provides extras to keep employees happy and motivated. Geneva Supply’s office space is filled with both personal and meeting spaces, according to Clutch.

“The office is very unique, welcoming and is hooked up with a great stereo system so that we can all enjoy music,” said Geneva Supply’s digital marketing strategiest Catrina Carne, in an interview with Clutch. “It gives us a great area to collaborate, be comfortable and just get things done.”

Clutch also looked at the office space of Wolfe LLC, a technology incubator and investor in Pittsburgh. Employees here are allowed to customize their own work spaces, which Clutch says helps keep these workers happy and comfortable while they are on the job.

“Our office atmosphere is unique, dynamic and welcoming,” said Wolfe content writer and editor Mary Koczan in an interview with Clutch. “Reminders of what the company stands for and being able to display important aspects of one’s personal life inspires respect and trust. It encourages employees to be successful as individuals and as a team.”

Clutch’s final message? A variety of office spaces can work for employees, if companies and workers work together to create spaces that encourage creativity and collaboration.