Office W Minnesota

MSR, Stahl collaborating on new office space in downtown Minneapolis

MSR Design selected Stahl as its construction partner for its new office in downtown Minneapolis. Together, MSR Design and Stahl will transform the existing 14,000-square-foot white shell located in the 510 Marquette building into an innovative, highly sustainable, collaborative workplace housing 53 employees and eight office dogs.

The new skyway-connected office will feature modern finishes, custom millwork and a 24-foot operable door. Together, MSR Design and Stahl utilized the Living Building Challenge (LBC) framework to direct the design scope.

The LBC program focuses on the overall impact built environments have on the building’s occupants and surrounding community. Compliant projects consider the future sustainability of all building components, including material lifecycle, community integration, human health impact and self-sufficiency.

MSR Design and Stahl are working to achieve three distinct petal certifications, beauty, equity and material selection, through the LBC program. To achieve the beauty petal, a space must contain a meaningful integration of public art that is intended solely for human delight and visible to the community.

Equity petal certification means to create a true sense of community in the surrounding neighborhood. The new space should have equitable access for all people regardless of physical abilities, age, or socioeconomical status. Similarly, occupants of the space should have universal access to public transportation, nature and places to shop, congregate, work and learn. Lastly, creating a successful material economy that is non-toxic, transparent and socially equitable will help to achieve the Materials petal certification.

The Stahl and MSR Design teams are responsible for eliminating all waste during the design, construction and operation of the new space.

Construction started in June 2019 and is expected to be completed by November 2019.