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Midwest Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame: Colliers' Matt Langfeldt

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Each year, Midwest Real Estate News runs its Midwest Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame issue, highlighting the careers of the most successful real estate pros in our region. This year, we are running these profiles online, too. Today, we look at the thriving career of Matt Langfeldt, executive vice president and co-market leader with the Indianapolis office of Colliers International.

A market leader: Office specialist Matt Langfeldt has closed brokerage and consulting assignments of more than $600 million during his commercial real estate career of more than 15 years. His peers point to Langfeldt’s financial acumen and strong work ethic as a major reason for his success.

In addition to his work in brokerage, Langfeldt has served as the co-market leader of Colliers International’s Indianapolis office for more than four years.

The people matter: Langfeldt has a passion for commercial real estate. That’s evident in his strong sales record. But he especially enjoys the people he interacts with in this business.

“Based on the types of business we are pursuing, it takes significant collaboration and integration of many of our specialty areas and people to close a deal,” Langfeldt said. “I really enjoy that element of the business and the continuous interaction with the team.”

A complicated business: Even the most successful of commercial real estate brokers face challenges in this industry. That’s not surprising; commercial real estate is a competitive, ever-evolving business.

The key, of course, is to recognize those challenges and overcome them. That is something that Langfeldt has mastered.

“A challenge can be understanding the significant and varying factors that impact a real estate decision or determined course of action,” Langfeldt said. “There are many factors that interplay with one another, and it’s critical to understand all of those as you determine strategy.”

Mentors and a strong team: Langfeldt’s hard work, market knowledge and commitment to his clients have been instrumental in his success. But he also points to the power of finding the right mentors.

“I’ve had many good mentors that have been critical in my success,” Langfeldt said. “My parents both taught me to work very hard. Although their careers were very different, they were instrumental in creating a drive and determination to do my best. My mentor in real estate when I first came into brokerage was very helpful for me, too. His style and approach was very different than mine, which taught me to look at things from multiple angles in a much better way.”

Another key to success? Langfeldt has surrounded himself with top CRE professionals.

“I’ve continually found through the years that the people surrounding you are so important to success,” he said. “I’ve really tried to align myself with good people with complementary skills, and that has proven very helpful over the years.”

Out-of-office hours: When not working, Langfeldt enjoys spending time with his family. He and his wife have four children, and Langfeldt dedicates the greatest amount of his free time to them. He and his family also spend time outdoors, running, mountain-biking and hiking.