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Megalytics launches new tenant monitoring platform

Megalytics launches new tenant monitoring platform,ph1

Megalytics, Inc., a commercial real estate business intelligence and risk mitigating platform, launched MONITUM, a customizable CRE tenant monitoring portal. The SaaS platform is designed to enable proactive tenant management.

Subscribers to MONITUM can establish a series of filters that will allow them to receive alerts on myriad issues impacting public and private companies/tenants of all sizes. The general categories that can be proactively monitored include typical benchmark ratings, financial changes, legal and corporate governance matters and a variety of other significant events that can impact the short- and long-term viability of a company.

“Our building owner and asset manager clients seek to be proactive and keenly aware of key issues and events that could materially impact the value of their assets, such as a tenant’s bankruptcy announcement or a significant executive change in the c-suite,” said Donna Salvatore, CEO of Megalytics. “A portal like MONITUM allows users to have access to information that can help them better manage risks.”

MONITUM taps data from numerous sources in real time or whenever they become available. The platform automatically and continuously scans, classifies and filters volumes of data and delivers alerts, reports and notifications to clients covering all tenants, from small space users to anchor tenants.

The SaaS model gives maximum flexibility to monitor an unlimited number of tenants, generate on-demand reports for specific type of events and subscribe for push alerts for a specific event they deem relevant to their decision-making process. At the user’s direction, the platform will also create detailed dashboards to report the various findings.

“We are very excited with this new service offering,” said Emad Malek, COO of Megalytics. “Clients appreciate the flexibility and comprehensiveness of all aspects of the program—the information it gathers, the way in which reports are generated and the frequency of those reports.”