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Hines partners with Workwell to expand digital connectivity within buildings

Hines partners with Workwell to expand digital connectivity within buildings,ph1

Hines announced a new partnership with Paris-based Workwell to introduce a new digital experience in its buildings. Mobile applications help us navigate nearly every part of modern life, and those services shouldn’t stop once you arrive at the office. Hines will connect the dots between the physical and digital through this tenant engagement technology.

Hines is kicking off the partnership in major cities around the U.S. and internationally, including in Chicago, Houston, New York, Atlanta and the United Kingdom. The firm will be adding multiple locations in 2019.

“The occupiers of our leased spaces have been asking for ‘bed to desk’ control of their work environments and lives, demanding an increased set of convenience services that bring a sense of calm to ever-busier work and personal lives,” said Hines senior vice president, operations management, Lisa Newton. “In addition to our already existing client-focused perspective and Hines expertise, we have been seeking a differentiating product-tool to accomplish this, and we believe we have found that in Workwell.”

Workwell is a mobile application that connects the spaces, services and people inside buildings. Its purpose is to enrich and facilitate the daily lives of occupiers and help them connect with each other through an array of features. These features in turn help simplify operations, streamline communications and enhance the customer experience. In an increasingly connected world, Workwell offers an opportunity to aggregate multiple services and apps under a single screen.

Workwell is built as an open platform that offers core functionality and yet enables buildings to easily integrate their existing systems. This means buildings can bring operations, communications and social features together on a single screen. Tenants themselves can add their own systems and services as well, making it the one-stop-shop for everything related to the workplace. Workwell will also help Hines gather more data regarding its buildings, while fully respecting the privacy of its users.

“The market is crowded with options for tenant apps,” said Hines innovation officer Charlie Kuntz. “For an app to drive value, it’s imperative that we pick the right partner and create an effective program, and we believe Workwell is that partner.”

Workwell has partnered in the past with leading European firm Unibail-Rodamco-Westfeld; this partnership will be Workwell’s entry into the U.S. real estate market. “We are thrilled to partner with Hines in their mission to provide a digital experience that will improve the quality of life for the occupiers of their buildings,” said Marie Schneegans, Workwell CEO and founder.