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CRE siting software expands into industrial for the Chicago market

CRE siting software expands into industrial for the Chicago market,ph1

Truss, an award-winning platform for commercial real estate, will expand its AI-enabled technology to industrial real estate, being the first to show price transparency. Truss will launch industrial real estate space in Chicago and Dallas with more than 45 million square feet of industrial space, bringing Truss’ square footage to 200 million.

Initial interest in Truss’ space include customers who are looking for commercial kitchen space and e-commerce storage. Business owners in both Chicago and Dallas found the ability to find, tour and lease through the platform convenient.

“Our company is looking to open a new branch in Chicago for our industrial equipment distribution. Being located abroad, it was critical to get a full service with a single point of entry,” said Alexander Bogdanov, international sales and engineering manager for Doga, a manufacturer of industrial parts based in France.“We quickly found that Truss’ platform proposed the best functionality for industrial space search, shortlisting and tour planning, while being accompanied by a personal broker representing our interests. After touring selected spaces, we continued working online through the platform to review proposals, leave comments and finally to identify the best offer.”

In today’s market, industrial vacancies are at an all-time low of 5 percent, largely due to an increased demand in e-commerce with a need for instant access from smaller businesses. Similar to office space and retail, business owners can now find, tour and lease industrial space through Truss platform, which uses artificial intelligence to review and compare their options in the market.

“It’s been long discussed that technology will transform the industrial real estate industry and we’re now at that point,” said Bobby Goodman, co-founder of Truss. “We’re the first to offer price transparency for industrial, and in turn, we’re seeing increased efficiency and opportunities for both tenants and landlords.”