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Fintech firm Billtrust expands Chicago footprint

Fintech firm Billtrust expands Chicago footprint,ph01

Billtrust has expanded its presence in Chicago, moving its office to the 28th floor of 125 S. Wacker Drive. The new space will hold employees whose roles cut across several areas, including marketing, sales and business development and the firm also plans to grow its headcount.

“Chicago has been an incredible host to Billtrust, and we are thrilled to be growing our team there,” said Flint Lane, CEO, Billtrust. “We’ve been experiencing significant growth as a company due in large part to the incredible team we have around us. It’s extremely important to us that our employees work in environments which enable them to thrive.”

Billtrust, a financial services company that offers credit, invoicing, virtual payments, cash application, managed programs and other services, located its expanded Chicago office in the heart of Chicago’s financial district, providing the Billtrust team and visiting customers with state-of-the-art technology, as well as expanded meeting and collaboration spaces.