Office i Ohio

Custom furniture maker moving to new Ohio corporate offices

Crow Works, a furniture manufacturing company that manufactures all of its products in Ohio, is relocating its corporate offices from Columbus to downtown Johnstown, Ohio. The move from Columbus, where 40 employees across the engineering, marketing, sales, purchasing and finance teams operate, is set to happen at the end of this month, ushering in a new phase of growth for the company.

Crow Works began as a retail store in 1995, founded by husband-wife entrepreneurial duo Dennis and Denise Blankemeyer and evolved into a manufacturing brand that is now a custom furniture partner for brands including Abercrombie & Fitch, California Pizza Kitchen, Shake Shack, Starbucks, Wendy’s and Whole Foods. Crow Works is committed to investing in Ohio, first with the expansion of its Killbuck manufacturing campus in 2017 and now with the move of its corporate offices from Columbus to Johnstown.

The purchase of the office buildings, located on South Main Street in the former PNC bank and the adjacent building, is part of a larger vision of anchoring Crow Works to Holmes and Licking counties. In addition to the new offices, Crow Works will increase its presence in Johnstown, including opening a public space later this year.