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Ginsberg Jacobs hires four attorneys for telecommunications practice

Ginsberg Jacobs hires four telecom attorneys,ph01
Hannah Needham, Zenia Kimberly Elliot and Bonnie Merkt

Chicago lawfirm, Ginsberg Jacobs, hired four attorneys — Kimberly Elliot, Bonnie Merkt, Hannah Needham and Zenia Salles — to expand the firm’s growing telecommunications practice.

The new attorney’s will represent Verizon and other large wireless carrier and tower companies that install and manage network equipment across the country.

Elliot will focus on the leasing and licensing of distributed antenna systems and in-building network agreements pertaining to venues such as stadiums, hotels and more.

Merkt will advise and represent clients with leasing and licensing various wireless communication facilities including properties such as water tanks and towers, cellular towers, rooftop facilities and more.

Needham will represent telecommunications clients in leasing and investments as well as environmental compliance and risk management.

Salles represents clients in ground, tower and rooftop lease agreements.