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3Eleven becomes first Midwest multifamily building to achieve Fitwel certification

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The John Buck Company’s 3Eleven, located at 311 W. Illinois Street in Chicago, recently became the first multifamily building in the Midwest to be awarded Fitwel certification—a building analysis standard that gauges how a property’s design, development and operations support the physical, mental and social health of its residents. Earning a Fitwel Star Rating signals to employees, residents, investors and others that wellness is a priority.

“For a decade, the built environment equates sustainability with mechanical performance and energy efficiency,” said Mike DeRouin, president at FitzGerald Associates Architects and the principal-in-charge for 3Eleven.”That is part of the equation, but Fitwel rewards some practical things that make sure spaces and places are comfortable and healthy for individuals.”

The building’s amenities reflect the consumer desire for indoor and outdoor activity spaces such as rooftop decks, a pool area, a club room and well-appointed bicycle storage. FitzGerald’s design approach sought to maximize the connection to the outdoors and indoor well-being. In the summer, 3Eleven is all about its connection to the outdoors. The building capitalizes on all the city has to offer, enhancing its community feel and incorporating nature on the lush, stylish roof deck with art, amenities, and furniture in common areas.

Stairs and bike parking are conveniently placed in the building to encourage a healthy lifestyle and easy access in and out. 3Eleven’s position in the city also affords key access to healthy, restorative elements like pedestrian walks, parks and indoor or outdoor fitness activities. Outdoor entertainment can be found at the nearby riverwalk along the Chicago River, and nearby transit options link residents to the rest of the city.

In the winter, those aforementioned indoor amenity spaces continue to perform well all year, and residents benefit from construction methods, and management policies, that keep the building healthy. Indoor fitness amenities mean residents can maintain an active lifestyle year-round, even when the weather isn’t conducive.

The fact that the site is entirely smoke- and tobacco-free and pest management is addressed without harsh chemicals and pesticides results in stellar indoor air quality. When it comes to building materials and systems, no asbestos or lead was used, Low- and zero-VOC finishes were selected, and the construction team maintained a strict indoor air quality policy through occupancy, as well as enforcing source-control of pollutants and moisture.

The Fitwel certification provides tailored strategies for multifamily residential and workplace properties to optimize unique opportunities for each project, born from a partnership between the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and General Services Administration. It is currently operated by the Center for Active Design.