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Industrial N Illinois

Staying Full: Tenant advocates help users and keep markets strong

| David Liebman

Last year was a banner year for Chicago industrial real estate properties, and the trend is continuing this year. Ecommerce companies are zeroing in on central locations to help them reach large portions of the U.S. population in ever-shorter delivery periods. Developers are keeping new construction at measured and smart levels. The end res…

CRE Midwest

Tracking down the emerging Chicago tech markets: These 5 made the list

| Stephanie Aguilar

The rising Chicago technology industry has taken full advantage of converting existing stale commercial real estate into highly modernized tech hubs. Colliers International experts dug up the latest data on the city's quickly emerging tech submarkets that have caught the eye of major companies like Google, Groupon, 1871, Motorola Mobility, …

CRE Midwest

Market position roundtable: Where bricks and clicks collide

| Staff Writer

E-commerce is changing supply chains and retail distribution strategies at a rapid pace. But are warehouses and distribution centers evolving as quickly as consumers’ delivery preferences? Warehouse developers, retailers and their distribution partners are finding creative ways to optimize the product journey, from manufacturer to distribut…

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