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U.S. becoming a nation of renters? Not yet

| Dan Rafter

Is the United States becoming a nation of renters? You might think so when reading all the headlines about the number of U.S. adults becoming “renters by choice.” But in the United States, owning a home is still, by far, the most common choice of households.

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RENTCafe study shows seniors increasingly embracing renting

| Dan Rafter

Millennials get most of the press when it comes to the nation’s multifamily market, with young adults choosing to rent longer in such markets as Indianapolis, Chicago, Minneapolis, Lexington and Detroit. But new research from RENTCafe suggests that another generational group is fueling the multifamily market, too, Baby Boomers.

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The suburban apartment market is stronger than you think

| Staff Writer

Many real estate experts predicted that the multifamily market would run out of steam three years ago, and some are now saying they expect to see apartments take a dive next year. They were wrong in 2013, then again in 2014 and again in 2015. And the weight of evidence is against them in 2016.

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Average apartment sizes fall to 10-year low

| Dan Rafter

Developers continue to add modern multifamily units to cities across the Midwest. And these new units? They're getting smaller. According to RENTCafe, the average size of apartment units completed in 2016 has fallen to 934 square feet. That's the smallest average size for new-construction apartment units since 2006, when the average size st…