Cincinnati’s Hudepohl Brewery on the auction block

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Hudepohh beer

In the market for a former brewery? Then Cincinnati’s Equity has a deal for you.

The Ohio-based firm this October is auctioning off the former Hudepohl Brewery site located at 801 W. Sixth St. in Cincinnati. The site includes five buildings totaling 150,000 square feet on 1.61 acres.

Equity’s auction is online only, with an opening-bid requirement of $250,000. If you’re interested in making a bid, your window of opportunity lasts Oct. 23 from 11 a.m. through 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. You can find the official auction site here.

Here are the basics on the site: It is zoned for manufacturing but is eligible for state and city funding for redevelopment to mixed-use. Every building features massive floor loads. The brewery sits within 100 feet of the on- and off-ramps to Interstate-75 and Interstate-71. And if you’re looking for signage opportunities? Equity points out that the site boasts a 170-foot-tall smoke stack that serves as a local landmark.

As far as Hudepohl itself? The brewery first began making beer in Cincinnati in 1885. That’s when founder Ludwig Hudepohl II founded it.

You might not be familiar with the Hudepohl name, but you might recognize some of the beer that the company has manufactured during its long history. Some of these include Little Kings Cream Ale, Mt. Everest Malt Liquor, Burger and Burger Light. The company even made a line of iced teas and juices under the name Tradewinds.

When I was a kid, I was the proud owner of an extensive beer can collection. This seemed to be a popular hobby in my Chicago neighborhood, even though the kids collecting the can weren’t legally allowed to drink the beer.

If you had your own beer can collection when you were a kid, maybe you can now take it a step further and purchase your own brewery.

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