How resilient are Midwesterners? We’ll find out

February 02, 2011  |  Dan Rafter  |  Print Article  |  Email this Article


Midwesterners like to brag about how resilient they are, about how the sometimes frigid weather in our region never slows us down. At least I know that I like doing this.

But really, how tough are we?

Tonight’s blizzard conditions are roaring through two dozen states. And the Weather Channel reports that 100 million people will be affected by this winter storm. Many of these people, of course, call the Midwest home. This blizzard will test the resilience of even the hardiest Midwestern resident.

I know that for all my boasting, I’m not at all looking forward to digging out once the blizzard disappears. I like that our local snowplow drivers keep our streets safe for driving. I don’t like, though, that they constantly dump frozen mounds of snow in front of my driveway and behind my garage.

I also don’t like the fact that nothing will be open tomorrow. No library. No gym. No schools. That makes for a long day cooped up in the house.

And I definitely hate dragging my dog outside at 9 p.m. when the blizzard winds are howling the worst.

All in all, I’d prefer a nice, brisk Autumn day.

So, I guess I’m not that tough when it comes to the weather. And I’m guessing that most of my fellow Midwestern residents aren’t quite as immune to Old Man Winter as they’d like to believe.

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